The Beginning

For years in my Technology Security or Admin job, I have been performing different types of analysis pertaining to vulnerabilities and breaches. Along those same lines, I have been presenting breach news to management in a way that usually gives them the short news as to what happened and are we “vulnerable” in such a way they can understand without breaking into PowerPoint presentations.

Recently I was dealing with the latest and greatest attack and I was wondering if I can help out the world by cutting thru the BS and collating my ever present research into a list of some sort.

Also, I am simply put, not the best writer. I have always wished I was a bit more eloquent with the written word. Maybe this will help me a bit. I don’t believe would make me a writer, because I am not the biggest fan of it as a whole. I just am hoping this type of a site is a constant method of me to grow so I can communicate with others better, simple as that.

I know this site will change as I evolve my ideas in the next few days/weeks/months, so, bare with me. I will post update posts when I make changes.