Active DDoS on Citrix Netscalers using DTLS on UDP:443

At this time it looks like someone is targetting Citrix Netscalers with a DDoS using DTLS. Datagram Transport Layer Security (DTLS) is a communications protocol for securing delay-sensitive apps and services that use datagram transport. Only a small number of customers are being targetted. The following sites are confirmed in the attack: Citrix confirmed […]

Treck TCP/IP Stack Vulnerabilities

Well, the Treck TCP/IP stack has had 4 vulnerabilities reported. This stack is typically used in IoT/appliance devices (this may include Medical devices). This could lead to running of arbitrary commands and DDoS attacks. CISA event chimed in on this one — LINK CVE-2020-25066The most dangerous, could allow the execution of remove code – CVSS […]

Link Posting

SecurityThreatNews is going to scour the net to find links of information that actually means something. You and I know, a research paper full of complex equations for a Security Analyst or Director is pretty useless most of the time. As well as a article to information that is just plain common sense. I am […]

The Beginning

For years in my Technology Security or Admin job, I have been performing different types of analysis pertaining to vulnerabilities and breaches. Along those same lines, I have been presenting breach news to management in a way that usually gives them the short news as to what happened and are we “vulnerable” in such a […]