Time to Learn – READ the Terms of Service and own your Infrastructure

Not meant to be a political post at all, just something to learn and understand for business. This is just a perfect example of the point for this article.

Parler was kicked off Amazon Web Services. So their entire infrastructure was essentially turned off because it violated AWS’s terms of services.

So my advice to everyone reading, if you run a service of some sort, you need to do your best to validate you are in sole control of the infrastructure of your business, or at least have the ability to PIVOT on a moments notice.

Over the years I have seen this type of scenario occur where content and services are blocked simply because of an ‘arbitrary disagreement on the terms of service’ have occurred.

The rule of thumb is: If you don’t own it, its not under your control and thus you can be “locked out and your services are gone”

DNS? Servers? Databases? Network?