Used of Plex Media Servers – Be advised – Attackers are using Plex to make attacks more potent

LINK Misconfigurations of the Plex Media server is enabling attackers to use Plex to amplify DDoS attacks. In some cases—such as when the server uses the Simple Service Discovery Protocol to locate universal plug-and-play gateways on end users’ broadband modems—the Plex service registration responder gets exposed to the general Internet. Responses range from 52 bytes […]

Babyk Ransomware is an “ethical” ransomware organization

So, the Ransomware organization called Babyk has released who they would and wont hit: Hospitals: except private plastic surgery clinics, private dental clinics Non-Profit: Any non-profitable charitable foundation (except the foundations who help LGBT and BLM) Schools: except the major universities Small Business: Companies with annual revenue less than 4 mln$ (info about revenue we […]