CISA Alert – GE

LINK GE’s UR devices are the “basis of simplified power management for the protection of critical assets,” according to the company. These are computing devices that allow users to control the amount of electrical power consumed by various device. The UR devices allow the underlying devices to switch into various power modes (each having various […]

Online Attacker used 11 new Zero-Days in attacks in 2020

LINK A fascinating example of some of these attackers are smart and do the work on their end, not just repackaging other peoples work. Below the list of zero-day flaws exploited in the February 2020 campaign: CVE-2020-6418 – Chrome Vulnerability in TurboFan CVE-2020-0938 – Font Vulnerability on Windows CVE-2020-1020 – Font Vulnerability on Windows CVE-2020-1027 – Windows CSRSS Vulnerability […]