CISA releases a Known Exploited Vulnerabilities Catalog Mandated to be fixed

Binding Operational Directive – LINK Vulnerability List – LINK CISA has put out a Binding Directive to fix vulnerabilities in areas it has influence over. Even for those companies and organizations this is valid information. I have CUT and PRUNED all the data out except the CVE’s so you can use it with your Vulnerability […]

Breach Announcements – November 2, 2021

Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) – ransomware Above is a list of Companies I have information for that have confirmed some sort of Breach (its obviously not complete since most never report anything, just what I hear about) Note: This is going to be a new type of post – will only happen once per day, hopefully […]

Breach Announcements – November 1, 2021

ActMobile (vpn company) – unspecified breach releasing massive amount of data/logs Atraf (LGBTQ dating site) – personal info released, hackers threatening to out its members Central Health (Canadian Healthcare) – unspecified cyberattack Eastern Health (Canadian Healthcare) – unspecified cyberattack Western Health (Canadian Healthcare) – unspecified cyberattack Labrador-Grenfell Regional Health (Canadian Healthcare) – unspecified cyberattack Above […]