Updates as of 3/31/2022

I have added a new section that is called Government/Regulation/Russia/Ukraine War related stories. These will be more those relating to the legal/law side of government stories, as well as those specifically around the Russian/Ukrainian War. News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories FBI Releases PIN on Phishing Campaign against U.S. Election Officials – LINK VMware Horizon platform pummeled by Log4j-fueled […]

Critical Vulnerability: Spring4Shell, New Log4Shell-Like Threat in Java Framework

Announcing this in a separate post because of importance. This new vulnerability is all over the news: Security Week Security Affairs Hacker News Qualys Cisco Talos Checkpoint Kaspersky SANS spots Spring4shell vulnerability exploitation attempts – LINK SpringShell Zero-Day Vulnerability: All You Need To Know – LINK Carnegie Melon Writeup Spring Early Announcement Explanation of the […]

Updates as of 3/30/2022

Note: I am going to start the data as such. I will post the “updates” roughly around 10am (central time) each day. Anything that comes out after that, will go into the next day and will be posted at noon the next day. The sections below will evolve a little over time. If you have […]