Weekend Digest – 4/3/2022 (Sunday)

Information from Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon

News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories

  • Fake Trezor data breach emails used to steal cryptocurrency wallets – LINK
  • New Borat remote access malware is no laughing matter – LINK
  • UK Police charges two teenagers for their alleged role in the Lapsus$ extortion group – LINK
  • Beastmode Mirai botnet now includes exploits for Totolink routers – LINK
  • Crooks use fake emergency data requests to get personal info out of Big Tech – report – LINK

Russia/Ukraine War Related Stories

  • Mar 27 – Apr 02 Ukraine – Russia the silent cyber conflict – LINK
  • Russia inches closer to its splinternet dream – LINK

New Breach Related Stories

  • Anonymous leaked 15 GB of data allegedly stolen from the Russian Orthodox Church – LINK