Weekday Digest – 4/7/2022 (Thursday)

Information from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning.

News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories

  • CISA Adds Three Known Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog – LINK
  • Nearly Two-Thirds of Ransomware Victims Paid Ransoms Last Year, Finds “2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report” – LINK
  • WatchGuard waited 11 months to explicitly disclose critical flaw exploited by Sandworm – LINK
  • New FFDroider malware steals Facebook, Instagram, Twitter accounts – LINK
  • Nearly 40% of Macs Left Exposed to 2 Zero-Day Exploits – LINK
  • Companies were slow to remove Russian spies’ malware, so FBI did it for them – LINK
  • Microsoft: Windows Autopatch is coming soon. Here’s what you need to know – LINK
  • Java Spring4Shell flaw exploit attempts: These are the industries most affected – LINK
  • When MFA fails, defense in depth is key – LINK
  • Israeli officials are being catfished by APT-C-23 hackers – LINK
  • Telstra now blocking scam texts in the network – LINK
  • Sky Mavis raises $150 million to refund users after Ronin network attack – LINK
  • Linux Systems Are Becoming Bigger Targets – LINK
  • Microsoft: Multiple .NET Framework versions reach end of life in April – LINK
  • Hackers Distributing Fake Shopping Apps to Steal Banking Data of Malaysian UsersLINK
  • U.S. sanctions crypto-exchange Garantex for aiding Hydra Market – LINK
  • This new malware targets AWS Lambda environments – LINK
  • Ransomware: Conti gang is still in business, despite its own massive data leak – LINK
  • Europe Warned About Cyber Threat to Industrial Infrastructure – LINK
  • BlackCat Ransomware Targets Industrial Companies – LINK
  • SharkBot Banking Trojan Resurfaces On Google Play Store Hidden Behind 7 New Apps – LINK
  • Into the Breach: Breaking Down 3 SaaS App Cyber Attacks in 2022 – LINK
  • India Claims It Foiled Chinese Cyberattack on Disputed Border – LINK

Regulation Related Stories

  • The U.S. government announced the disruption of the Cyclops Blink botnet operated by the Russia-linked Sandworm APT group – LINK

Russia/Ukraine War Related Stories

  • Ukraine Warns of Cyber attack Aiming to Hack Users’ Telegram Messenger Accounts – LINK
  • Intel suspends all operations in Russia “effective immediately” – LINK
  • Beware Ukraine-themed fundraising scams – LINK

Vulnerability Related

  • Google Releases Security Updates for Chrome – (CVE-2022-1232) – LINK
  • Citrix Hypervisor Security Update – (CVE-2022-26357)LINK
  • Mozilla Releases Security Updates for Firefox, Firefox ESR, and Thunderbird – LINK
  • Palo Alto Networks firewalls, VPNs vulnerable to OpenSSL bug – (CVE-2022-0778) – LINK
  • VMware Patches Five Critical Vulnerabilities in Workspace ONE Access – LINK
  • CVE-2022-22292 flaw could allow hacking of Samsung Android devices – LINK
  • SSRF Flaw in Fintech Platform Allowed for Compromise of Bank Accounts – LINK

New Breach Related Stories

  • UK retail chain The Works shuts down stores after cyberattack – LINK
  • Texas Department of Insurance Exposed Data of 1.8 Million People – LINK