Weekday Digest – 4/8/2022 (Friday)

Information from Thursday afternoon to Friday morning.

News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories

  • Spring4Shell Vulnerability Exploited by Mirai Botnet – LINK
  • Top Five Security Vulnerabilities: Penetration Testing and Cobalt Research Findings – LINK
  • Windows Autopatch Aims to Make Patch Tuesday ‘Just Another Tuesday’ for Enterprises – LINK
  • SharkBot Android Malware Continues Popping Up on Google Play – LINK
  • New Octo Banking Trojan Spreading via Fake Apps on Google Play Store – LINK
  • First Malware Targeting AWS Lambda Serverless Platform Discovered – LINK
  • What’s it like on the cyber frontline? Find out in this online session – LINK
  • BlackCat Purveyor Shows Ransomware Operators Have 9 Lives – LINK
  • Scan This: There’s Danger in QR Codes – LINK
  • Google boosts Android security with new set of dev policy changes – LINK
  • Top Application Security Mitigations in Q1 of 2022 – LINK
  • Malicious web redirect service infects 16,500 sites to push malware – LINK
  • Adobe Creative Cloud Experience makes it easier to run malware – LINK

Regulation/Government Related Stories

  • China accused of cyberattacks on Indian power grid – LINK
  • French court upholds 150 million euro fine against Google – LINK

Russia/Ukraine War Related Stories

  • Microsoft Disrupts Infrastructure Used by Russia’s Hackers in Ukraine Attacks – LINK
  • Microsoft Obtains Court Order to Take Down Domains Used to Target Ukraine – LINK
  • Russia (still) trying to weaponize Facebook for spying, Ukraine-war disinfo – LINK
  • Anonymous and the IT ARMY of Ukraine continue to target Russian entities – LINK
  • Successful operations against Russian Sandworm and Strontium groups targeting Ukraine revealed – LINK

Vulnerability Related

New Breach Related Stories

  • Ransomware sent North Carolina A&T University scrambling to restore services – LINK