Researchers put together a list of vulnerabilities abused by Ransomware – Look for these immediately

LINK To make it easy, I pulled it and created a simple txt list you can use. These are the some of the initial access methods. Pulse Secure VPNCVE-2021-22893CVE-2020-8260CVE-2020-8243CVE-2019-11539CVE-2019-11510 CitrixCVE-2020-8196CVE-2020-8195CVE-2019-19781CVE-2019-11634 Microsoft ExchangeCVE-2021-34523CVE-2021-34473CVE-2021-31207CVE-2021-26855 FortinetCVE-2020-12812CVE-2019-5591CVE-2018-13379 SonicWallCVE-2021-20016CVE-2020-5135CVE-2019-7481 F5CVE-2021-22986CVE-2020-5902 Palo AltoCVE-2020-2021CVE-2019-1579 QNAPCVE-2021-28799CVE-2020-36198 SophosCVE-2020-12271 SharePointCVE-2019-0604 Microsoft WindowsCVE-2019-0708CVE-2020-1472CVE-2021-31166CVE-2021-36942 Microsoft OfficeCVE-2017-0199CVE-2017-11882CVE-2021-40444 vCenterCVE-2021-21985 AccellionCVE-2021-27101CVE-2021-27104CVE-2021-27102CVE-2021-27103 FileZenCVE-2021-20655 AtlassianCVE-2021-26084 Zoho CorpCVE-2021-40539 Microsoft AzureCVE-2021-38647

Microsoft releases comments on PrintNightmare updates – Details in Post here

LINK Essentially, they are saying the patch was released as it was meant to installed, but additional actions required to registry changes to Point and Print to an insecure configuration. In ALL cases, apply the CVE-2021-34527 security update. The update will not change existing registry settings After applying the security update, review the registry settings […]