Weekday Digest – 4/18/2022 (Monday)

Information from Saturday afternoon to Monday morning. News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories APT Cyber Tools Targeting ICS/SCADA Devices – LINK Researchers Share In-Depth Analysis of PYSA Ransomware Group – LINK Beanstalk DeFi platform loses $182 million in flash-load attack – LINK Strength in Unity: Why It’s Especially Important to Strengthen Your Supply Chain Now – LINK FBI Warns […]

Weekday Digest – 4/14/2022 (Thursday)

Information from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday early morning. News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories Microsoft Exposes Evasive Chinese Tarrask Malware Attacking Windows Computers – LINK Asf asdf oing Wrgonasodin Government/Regulation Related Stories Sagasgfasg Dsfgsdfhsd Asdgfasdf Russia/Ukraine War Related Stories Sagasgfasg Dsfgsdfhsd Asdgfasdf Vulnerability Related Flaws in ABB Network Interface Modules Expose Industrial Systems to DoS Attacks – (CVE-2021-22285, CVE-2021-22286 […]

Weekend Digest – 4/2/2022 (Saturday)

Information from Friday afternoon to Saturday afternoon. News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories CERT/CC Releases Information on Spring4Shell Vulnerability – LINK Spring4Shell: critical vulnerability in Spring Java framework – LINK Beastmode botnet boosts DDoS power with new router exploits – LINK Threat Roundup for March 25 to April 1 – LINK British Police Charge Two Teenagers Linked to LAPSUS$ […]

Breach Announcements – October 27, 2021

National Iranian Oil Products Distribution Company (NIOPDC) – unspecified penetration and infrastructure attack Above is a list of Companies I have information for that have confirmed some sort of Breach (its obviously not complete since most never report anything, just what I hear about) Note: This is going to be a new type of post […]