Weekday Digest – 4/13/2022 (Wednesday)

News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories New Meta information stealer distributed in malspam campaign – LINK EU officials were targeted with Israeli surveillance software – LINK FBI, Europol Seize RaidForums Hacker Forum and Arrest Admin – LINK Enemybot: a new Mirai, Gafgyt hybrid botnet joins the scene – LINK Clueless hackers spent months inside a network and nobody noticed. […]

Apache Releases Important Tomcat Update

LINK Apache Tomcat did not correctly parse the HTTP transfer-encoding requestheader in some circumstances leading to the possibility to requestsmuggling when used with a reverse proxy. Specifically: Tomcatincorrectly ignored the transfer-encoding header if the client declaredit would only accept an HTTP/1.0 response; Tomcat honoured the identifyencoding; and Tomcat did not ensure that, if present, the […]