Weekday Digest – 4/13/2022 (Wednesday)

News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories New Meta information stealer distributed in malspam campaign – LINK EU officials were targeted with Israeli surveillance software – LINK FBI, Europol Seize RaidForums Hacker Forum and Arrest Admin – LINK Enemybot: a new Mirai, Gafgyt hybrid botnet joins the scene – LINK Clueless hackers spent months inside a network and nobody noticed. […]

Weekday Digest – 4/7/2022 (Thursday)

Information from Wednesday afternoon to Thursday morning. News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories CISA Adds Three Known Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog – LINK Nearly Two-Thirds of Ransomware Victims Paid Ransoms Last Year, Finds “2022 Cyberthreat Defense Report” – LINK WatchGuard waited 11 months to explicitly disclose critical flaw exploited by Sandworm – LINK New FFDroider malware steals Facebook, Instagram, […]

Weekday Digest – 4/5/2022 (Tuesday)

Information from Monday afternoon to Tuesday morning. News/Intelligence/IOCs Stories CISA Adds Four Known Exploited Vulnerabilities to Catalog – LINK Zyxel patches critical vulnerability that can allow Firewall and VPN hijacks – LINK Cyclops Blink Malware Targeting WatchGuard Firewalls – LINK Lapsus$ Threat Actor Demonstrates Access to Backend Okta Tooling – LINK Ransomware Will Grind You […]

CISA Adds 15 Known Exploited Vulnerability to Catalog

CVE ID Vulnerability Name Due Date CVE-2020-5135 SonicWall SonicOS Buffer Overflow Vulnerability 4/5/2022 CVE-2019-1405 Microsoft Windows UPnP Service Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 4/5/2022 CVE-2019-1322 Microsoft Windows Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 4/5/2022 CVE-2019-1315 Microsoft Windows Error Reporting Manager Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 4/5/2022 CVE-2019-1253 Microsoft Windows AppX Deployment Server Privilege Escalation Vulnerability 4/5/2022 CVE-2019-1129 Microsoft Windows AppXSVC Privilege Escalation […]